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Magyar Állatorvosok Lapja 8The causative agente of infection is Toxoplasma gondii, which prolifer ates in the intestine of cats. Risk of infection by direct contact with cats is low, but the infection can occur due to contaminated soil, water, unwashed vegeta bles and fruits, as well as insufficiently heat—treated meat.

Objectives: The aim of this study was to synthesize the current knowledge about infection caused by Toxoplasma gondii in a brief review focusing on latent toxoplasmosis in humans.

The life cycle of Toxoplasma gondii - Part 02

Results and Discussion: The symptoms of acute toxoplasmosis are either featureless, or non—existent, although, for people with immunosuppression it can be fatal, and for expectants it can result in foetal harm.

The detection of the infection is conducted with serology methods, however, only in a few European countries are general screenings present. The asymptomatic carrier state is dangerous as well, because the cysts subsist in the brain of the host, which affects behaviour, the regulation of emotions, and also the level of several hormones.

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The latent toxoplasmosis can be connected toxoplazma hordozása aggression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar personality disorder, suicidal inclination, depression, and the reduction toxoplazma hordozása intelligence quotient. For the reason of the deterioration of reaction time, the disease increases the risk of traffic accidents. The latent toxo plasmosis also influences personality traits; for women and men the alteration of the personality change differs.

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There is no data on the current epidemiologi cal situation in Hungary, and not even in Europe. A research regarding the extent of asymptomatic carrier state and about the psychological changes in the Hun garian population has not been conducted so far.

Sebesség paraziták van-e pasziánsz kék tőkehalban, a legjobb gyógyszer minden féreg fórumához paraziták az emberi agyban, mint hogy kezeljék. Sarkadi Adrien A toxoplasmosis magyaros írásmóddal toxoplazmózis kórokozója a Toxoplasma gondii névre hallgató egysejtű parazita, amely súlyos megbetegedést azonban csak gyengült immunitású betegeknél, illetve a terhesség kihordása során fertőződött anyák magzatainál okozhat.